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Inspired by Anna the babysitter

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09/03/2006 - 7:27 pm

Im at the folks. Getting ready for lunch/dinner. I kind of slept through it all today. Im not sure if Im really sick or not. I know I have a slight fever. I know that its probably due to the late night swim Friday. But I also think its partly psychosomatic. I arrived yesterday afternoon. Greeted with cake and balloons. Congratulating me. It was sweet.

I knew I was burning up. I knew they would notice. But I didnt do anything about it. I knew once they kissed me. They would feel the heat. They would know their little girl was sick. Everything would spring into action. Thats exactly what happened. Soon I was being babied. Fussed over. I really missed that. It felt so good at Christmas. I guess I wanted to feel it again.

Lizzy was kind of miffed. She had made plans. A whole list of stuff to do. But that was soon dust. As soon as I was diagnosed. Mom ordered bedrest. So Lizzy crawled into bed with me. We played board games. Talked about our summer. She showed me the funny videos she filmed. I know that she had planned a lot of stuff. But the stuff that we did. It was just as entertaining.

Shes downstairs right now. Helping Aunt Susie bake breadsticks. Aunt Sophie is here too. I saw her from the window. Parading around in her bikini. Hanna is a no show. Shes still in Europe. I cant believe it. The folks are letting her get away with it. She keeps pushing. They keep folding.

I dont want to think about that right now. Im trying to block it from my mind. Trying to remember that dream I had. It was a naughty dream. Filled with lots of sex. If only I could remember.

The New House (Crystals Place)
Me - (Back Bedroom) - Blonde hair. Brown eyes. 5' 7" 32B - 23 - 34. Closet lesbian. Crude but sweet.

Crystal - (Master Bedroom) - Curly black hair. Brown eyes. Tall. Big boobies. Wide curvy hips. Bisexual. She owns the place.

Sherry - (Front Bedroom) - Short blonde hair. Blue eyes. Short. Pert boobies. Bubble butt. Very cute. Very playful. Bisexual.

Bridget - (Side Bedroom) - Short brown hair. Brown eyes. Short. Big boobies. Trim curvy hips. Mischievious. Bisexual.

Kaitlyn - (The Loft) - Long curly blonde hair. Green eyes. Tight athletic body. Pert boobies. Slim hips. Bisexual. Very uninhibited.

The Old House (Eunices Place)
Me - (Attic room)

Heather - (Downstairs den) - Blond hair. Blue eyes. Same height. Champagne flute titties. Wide curvy hips. Definitely straight.

Lexis - (Upstairs Rm 1) - Black hair. Blue eyes. Tall and thin. Pert boobies. Closet lesbian. She and Jenna are together.

Jenna - (Upstairs Rm 2) - Looks like Fiona Apple. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Pert boobies. Trim curvy hips. Closet lesbian. She and Lexis are together.

Lena - (Upstairs Rm 3) - Short curly black hair. Brown eyes. Short supple body. Loud. Funny. Flirt. Definitely bisexual.

Past Conquests
Kaya - Beautiful. Fun. Sexy. Catherine Bell with smaller pert boobs and slimmer hips.

Renee - First girlfriend. I was young. I thought she loved me. She didnt. She only wanted sex.

Mandy - Revenge sex. She had an ass fetish. She loved my ass.

Lisa - Beautiful redhead. Really hot sex. But I was under age. So she broke up with me.

Martina - Mostly sex. She wanted Candace.

Candace - Manipulative bitch. But good sex.

The Girl - A friend. A fellow student. Beautiful. But unattainable.

Christina (Perfect Girl) - Beautiful face. Perfect body. Compassionate soul. My best friend.

Hanna and Lizzy - aka the girls. My beautiful younger sisters. I love them to pieces.